Diederik De Wit

AnMa TECH Belgium welcomes Diederik!

AnMa TECH Belgium is proud to announce that Diederik De Wit is our new representative starting 01-09-2019. Diederik has many years of experience in sales and knows what it takes to create meaningful relationships with customers. In conjunction with our wide range of products, he will alway be able to give you the best advice. […]

Cover maintenance magazine of AnMa TECH BV with TorsionX and Euroloop Calibration B.V.

TorsionX on the cover of Maintenance Magazine

AnMa TECH BV & Euroloop Calibrations B.V. has been working together for several years now, but now its time to let everyone know about our successful relationship! As independent calibration center for industrial gas and fluid flow meters, tens of thousand of bolts are tightened each year. Before, all bolting tools were rented over a […]

TorsionX shipping tools all across Europe!

At AnMa TECH BV (TorsionX Europe) we are seeing a large increase in shipments going all over Europe! Growing our business every day, locally but also in Europe. The best service & aftersales throughout our comprehensive dealer network, hands-on mentality and the “gold”-standard in Hydraulic Torque Tools. These are some of the reasons we score […]

Offshore Energy 2018

AnMa TECH BV is a tool supplier specialized in the safe, fast and efficient use of hydraulic torque wrenches. Our TorsionX hydraulic torque wrenches are made in the USA and when you are looking for reliability and dependability at the best price, look no further! Precision-machined from the best material to give you the greatest […]

1MD Sliding reaction arm

TorsionX dual socket sliding reaction arms

At AnMa TECH we are dedicated to providing the best solutions. Safe, Simple and easy to use, following the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). We have added dual socket sliding reaction arms before, but this was a first for the little 1MD. With 2 sockets, there are NO pinch points and getting a good […]

Maintenance 2018 Antwerp

We willen iedereen die onze stand bezocht heeft bedanken. Het was erg positief om onze bestaande relaties te spreken maar ook om te zien hoeveel mensen geïnteresseerd zijn in onze producten en diensten.

Lifting lugs tightened — safe, accurate and fast!

The tightening of lifting lugs is a critical job. Two lifting lugs are used to lift these jackets. AnMa-TECH BV has been awarded with the orders to deliver the tools for tightening and loosening the bolts of the lifting lugs. Our robuust low clearance tools, The HexPRO series made by TorsionX, are designed for these […]

QR-code on MaxDRV

QR-code stickers: torque charts, calibration certificates, manuals and more!

All TorsionX tools sold by AnMa TECH BV will be delivered with a QR-code sticker. With QR-code stickers all related document are available to the user at any time with any smartphone or tablet! When using an iOS (11 and higher) device, just use the photo app and click the pop-up. On Android you can […]

HexPRO low clearance tool

AnMa-TECH solves another challenging application

At AnMa-TECH we are always providing our customers with the best solution for their bolting applications. Our philosophy is all about using standard tools with custom solutions, making sure our customers  get the most solid, reliable and cost effective solution possible. When you are looking for a supplier with dedicated knowledge about bolting applications, look […]

TorsionX MaxDRV

TorsionX .7MD – Small but capable!

The TorsionX MaxDrive .7 is the smallest square drive tool available. Small but very capable and perfect for those smaller bolts on hard to reach places. With all the great features of the bigger MaxDrive tools like steel reaction pawl levers, fixed shroud and rough teethed ratchet. Especially great with the optional Multi Directional Swivel […]