Cover maintenance magazine of AnMa TECH BV with TorsionX and Euroloop Calibration B.V.

TorsionX on the cover of Maintenance Magazine

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AnMa TECH BV & Euroloop Calibrations B.V. has been working together for several years now, but now its time to let everyone know about our successful relationship!

As independent calibration center for industrial gas and fluid flow meters, tens of thousand of bolts are tightened each year. Before, all bolting tools were rented over a period of time. This proved to be very hard to manage the cost. For this reason, Euroloop Calibration B.V. decided to invest in tools from AnMa TECH BV. With the TorsionX tools came a maintenance deal, ensuring the tools are kept in excellent condition.

Henk van Driel, Maintenance Engineer at Euroloop Calibrations B.V., says, ”We have been saving a lot of money on maintenance the last couple of years. Before we had 3 to 4 hours downtime each week because of defects to our bolting tools, this is now down to 1 or 2 times each year. Because of this we have a very big cost saving.”

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