The versatile HexPro Series supports an extensive range of interchangeable hexagon ratchet links that deliver a torque range of 200 Nm. to 41.000 Nm. They deliver precision torque during bolt makeup and maximum torque during bolt breakout.

Ratchet Links are interchangeable with some other major brand tools.
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MaxDrv – Square Drive Torque Wrenches take on the toughest bolting jobs without missing a beat.

They feature a compact design, constructed of aluminum – titanium alloy and super high-strength steel alloy for increased strength and durability while minimizing the weight.
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About TorsionX


When you’re looking for reliability and dependability at the best price, look no further than TorsionX®. TorsionX tools are manufactured and assembled in the United States to ensure the best in quality and craftsmanship.

Precision-machined from the best material to give you the greatest torque with control and ease, TorsionX has solutions for all of your bolting needs. Whatever your industry: Natural Gas, Steel, Coal, Chemical, Manufacturing, Oil Refining, Mining, Railroad, Power Generation and Wind Industries, we have the tools you need to do the job right the first time.

At TorsionX we’re dedicated to:

Quality workmanship

Quality material

Quality product

Check here how our hydraulic torque wrenches are made!

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QR-code on MaxDRV

QR-code stickers: torque charts, calibration certificates, manuals and more!

All TorsionX tools sold by AnMa TECH BV will be delivered with a QR-code sticker. With QR-code stickers all related document are available to the user at any time with any smartphone or tablet! When using an iOS (11 and higher) device, just use the photo app and click the pop-up. On Android you can […]

HexPRO low clearance tool

AnMa-TECH solves another challenging application

At AnMa-TECH we are always providing our customers with the best solution for their bolting applications. Our philosophy is all about using standard tools with custom solutions, making sure our customers  get the most solid, reliable and cost effective solution possible. When you are looking for a supplier with dedicated knowledge about bolting applications, look […]

TorsionX MaxDRV

TorsionX .7MD – Small but capable!

The TorsionX MaxDrive .7 is the smallest square drive tool available. Small but very capable and perfect for those smaller bolts on hard to reach places. With all the great features of the bigger MaxDrive tools like steel reaction pawl levers, fixed shroud and rough teethed ratchet. Especially great with the optional Multi Directional Swivel […]

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